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Project Relate

This website mainly targets speech and language therapists and can further benefit anyone interested in Project Relate thus making it more well-known to people who need the APP.

This website provides training on Project Relate, a personalised speech recognition Andriod beta APP for people with non-standard speech.

If you do not know what Project Relate is, please go to the Project Relate website to have a look.

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Welcome to Project Relate training!

This website is designed to provide a free online training of Project Relate for Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) and its all the people who are interested in Project Relate to learn the best way of using it. Our program is easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of your background or experience. Start your learning today!

Key Functions in Project Relate


They are more than that!

Facts about Project Relate

Project Relate is an Android app developed by Google. It builds the personalised language model to better recognise how people talk. It may have particular benefits for people with non-standard speech.
Before the course, we want to provide all the facts about Project Relate to give you an objective overview of it. Therefore, you can have your own decision of whether to use it.





Internet Requirements

The speech recognition function in Project Relate is offline accessible after using the Internet to download the app, upload phrases and download the customised recognition model.

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